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Evening Scoreboard Watch Thread...with Chowder

An off-night thread for watching games around the league...and sharing some thoughts with our friends in Boston.

Live through this.
Live through this.
Bruce Bennett

Hello, this is our season-winding-down-scoreboard-is-important evening thread. But given today's events in Boston, this thread has a twist.

You're still more than welcome to discuss whatever you like, including of course the NHL's slate of games tonight (though the Senators-Bruins game has been postponed). But we also encourage you to go say hello and/or express your sentiments over at Stanley Cup of Chowder, SB Nation's Bruins blog that has a few other things on the mind at the moment.

As they put it:

SCoC's evening thread is here. I know we have tons of readers and fellow Isles fans in Boston and environs. We're thinking of you, and you may find some comfort up at SCOC tonight.

Here is the schedule of tonight's games.