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Islanders vs. Bruins: 3 Questions with Stanley Cup of Chowder

Sometimes we ask questions. Sometimes we get answers.

One of the miracles required for sainthood?
One of the miracles required for sainthood?

In advance of tonight's game in Boston, we asked three questions of Stanley Cup of Chowder's Cornelius Hardenbaum--




We're doctors. [Additional script reference, in case you're lost.]

Hardenbergh's questions for us are posted over at SCOC. As far as I know he has never been a member of nor in any way associated (either directly or indirectly) with the Communist Party, so his fury for Volchenkov after last night's elbow (see answer #2) is rooted purely in well-founded ideological principles, not some sort of double-agent subterfuge.

1. If Patrice Bergeron is out for a round or more in the playoffs, how badly does that dampen your hopes? Do they even have a chance to go all the way without him? [Ed. note: Apparently Bergeron has returned to skating, so good sign there.]

Bergeron is basically the Patron Saint of the Bruins. We even call him Saint Patrice and there are photoshops to that effect. If he's out, well, we better hope we're playing Carolina and New Jersey a bunch because otherwise we're up a creek without a paddle.

He's a guy that's elite defensively, can win pretty much any faceoff, and damn good offensively too. One of those players that you can relax a little when the puck is on his stick. He won the Selke last year for a reason. The Bruins are still a good team without him, but not nearly AS good as they are with him. It would be tough.I don't see them winning the Cup without him, and that's the end-goal here.

2. Carl Söderberg: What's up there? Where would he fit in?

Carl Soderberg is a big mystery to everyone right now. Apparently today he's meeting with the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation coaches to tell them he wants to collect his NHL paycheck, but they want him to stick around for the World Championships because Sweden is hosting them and they'll look like chumps if they lose too bad.

As for where he fits in? I think I've seen every possible line combo since his Swedish team (Linkopings HC) was bounced out of the playoffs. I think he'll be a third-line winger. Of course, if Brad Marchand has a concussion after that vicious elbowing by that commie asshole Anton Volchenkov [LHH Ed. note: Rocky sucked!], then maybe Carl gets a chance on that line, whatever that line ends up being.

3. I get all of my information from the TV, the source of all that is true and holy, and I heard on the TV that Tyler Seguin is struggling. Sure looks like a fine season to me though. Should I get a new TV?

Tyler Seguin had like a 3-game point where he didn't score. Last night he definitely put a puck in the net. Jagr taking his spot in the top 6 isn't helping him out any, but he's still one of our best offensive players. He isn't leading scoring this year, though.

Basically it's a matter of expectations. We expect Tyler Seguin to be a dominant offensive force and he has a hard time producing on the third line and/or on the second line without Bergeron. He's still got his speed and skill though, so please let your boys know he's struggling and they don't have to cover him at all.