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Isles News Bits: Nabby love, Islanders love, oh the attention

A roundup of recent mostly Islanders news. Because there is Islanders news now.

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"This is happening!"
"This is happening!"
Bruce Bennett

The New York Islanders are in a playoff position with eight games to go? Welcome back, media.

So now it's 7-1-1 in the last nine -- and if that doesn't make you at least somewhat nervous about what could happen in the final eight, you have steel nerves -- which is bringing out the coverage as media outlets face the potential reality of having to trudge out to Nassau Coliseum.

On last night's 4-1 win over the Flyers, which we recapped here, Moment of Nabby'd here, polled for your Man of the Match here: Newsday, there through wins and losses, captures the latest surge. The Post describes a "palpable" change at the Coliseum. The Daily News uses an AP report, as did the Times. (Come on, Times. Not even a bemused "As Future Beckons in Brooklyn, Team Invokes the Past" brief?)

More: NY Hockey Journal on last night, with a view from the press box in pictures | Eyes on Isles recaps, as does IPB | Flyers fans at BSH know it's over.


Finally, we should pay attention to the rest of the league, too. Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts is a good jumping off point for that, including Olympics insurance talk and #10:

The more you hear about trade deadline day, the more you realize the poker game that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Canucks played with each other. Toronto thought it was getting Miikka Kiprusoff from Calgary. When he changed his mind, Vancouver decided to test the waters, but the Leafs waited until an hour before the deadline to engage. So imagine what each side is thinking here. Canucks GM Mike Gillis is saying, "They are reaching out so late. They want a goalie and are desperate." Leafs GM Dave Nonis, realizing Gillis dropped his asking price, is saying, "These guys are desperate to make the move. Let's see if I can squeeze them to take salary." Add in the distrust between Gillis and Nonis and you see why it didn't get done.

This is rec'd for the Radiohead reference and the P.J. Stock, uh, analysis.

Oh, also: Frozen Four starts tonight. But our NCAAers, save for Robbie Russo, are already in the pros.