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Bits: Isles victory reactions; intrasquad chirping; a Rosen

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Post-game coverage, in which David Ullstrom chirps Matt Martin for that car wreck along the right wing boards.

Oh that, that was kind of a big deal.
Oh that, that was kind of a big deal.

It was a fun, dramatic win for the Islanders last night, on a night with a refreshing lack of three-point games. So the Isles move up the standings to a very tentative (they have 33 games played) ninth place, two points behind the Rangers who have one game in hand.

What, realistically, are their chances? Mike goes into that in his power rankings, exploring the odds and remaining schedules of all the combatants, a little later this morning. But for now, some further coverage from last night and hockey, glorious hockey:

Moment of Twitter

Two days ago Matt Martin chirped Casey Cizikas about his embarrassing moment... it was only fitting that he took his lumps after wrecking himself into the boards in Washington last night and retweeted this from David Ullstrom, out on IR:

Good times.