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Islanders-Capitals [game thread]

Game thread time: If this site existed in spring 1993, the entire Internet would have collapsed.

A-B-C. Always. Be. Contorting.
A-B-C. Always. Be. Contorting.
Bruce Bennett

Isles are in D.C.
The Kings are in the White House
Caps are in ... phone booth?

Was-hingtonslim_medium Nyi-landthin_medium
Capitals (15-16-1, 10th/E) @ Islanders (14-15-3, 11th/E)
7 p.m. EDT | MSG+ | Audio:
[like GTE or something] Center
Some stick around, Semin walk away:
Japers' Rink

This is your game thread. Prophecies, incantations and forecasts of doom follow...