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Video: Rick DiPietro's First Game Back in Bridgeport: 'Rains, pours'

As if someone is adding more macabre chapters to a script, everything went wrong for team and goalie in Rick DiPietro's first game back with the AHL Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

There was one of everything.
There was one of everything.

Here is the Connecticut Post's Michael Fornabaio, describing the everything-went-wrong star-crossed (re)debut of Rick DiPietro as a Bridgeport Sound Tiger:

This is not to say DiPietro’s going to bounce back. This is not to say DiPietro was fantastic. This is not to say DiPietro looked like his old self. This is not to say this was a good night.

It’s just to say that this is no night to make grand statements about Rick DiPietro. I know we want ‘em on Day 1. But it’s not.

"Tonight doesn’t count for me (for DiPietro)," Scott Pellerin said, adding that DiPietro will start tomorrow against the Phantoms. "It was the way our team played in front of him."

If your only experience is DiPietro’s past few years, I guess I can understand your "same-ol’" thinking. But if you’ve seen similar things happen to three other goalies this year, maybe you think differently.

Read more on his Soundin' Off blog, as well as in his game story in the Post.

DiPietro was pulled after five goals in what sounded like an ugly 7-3 loss for all involved. Did you see it any differently? And, heh, are you able to look at one night objectively after all we've been through?