#ForgiveLubo - A Movement

Hope everyone is faring well enough in the snow. Hopefully the Isles can provide us with a nice little distraction of a win tonight.

Anyone who has watched the Lubomir Visnovsky interviews periodically posted on sites such as this one since we acquired him from the Ducks gets a sense that he is quite the character. He's like an innocent puppy that just keeps trying to run away because it doesn't know any better. We, the owners are trying to show Lubo -- out there bad -- in here good!

Visnovsky has done just about everything to try and avoid this day, but it's here and so is he and the slap shot he brings with him.

Streit and Visnovsky should be a healthy duo on the power play, freeing either our just and merciful Danish Prince to move to a more suitable role on the second PP unit.

He will shore up a defense that to this day still trots out Joe Finley and expects positive results.

He will provide some scoring depth at 5 on 5.

He will ease the onus we've heaped onto the likes of Andrew MacDonald, Travis Hamonic, and Mark Streit so far this season.

After the whole song and dance, Lubo is an integral part of this team.

Islander fans don't have the luxury of holding grudges against a player like teams from Manhattan or Toronto or Vancouver do. We need to accept Lubomir Visnovsky for who he is and in return, we will reap the benefits.

We need to be the bigger person in this situation and pat Lubomir on the back and say, "We get it."

The reputation this organization has garnered through the years is very dog and pony. And we can't hold those at fault responsible because they don't hold themselves responsible. We press on but more importantly, we root on.

I can't blame a player who's played pretty much all of his hockey on the other half of the continent, to assume that the Islanders are a circus. Look no further than Evgeni Nabokov.

Now Nabby is in his second season as an Islander. He seems to really be enjoying his time here as well. He is fluent with the press, plays pretty much every game, and shows no signs of malcontent. He's got an inside view of Hockey on Long Island -- and it's not half bad.

We have a passionate fan base, a superstar who's behaviour off the ice is saintly, and a hungry team full of players who are committed to the game.

Visnovsky will see what we see soon enough. He seems to be a quick study.

He will soon see that he is not unwanted here. He is needed. For anybody who can see the bigger picture, it is evident that we have no choice but to forgive Visnovsky and accept him as one of our own. It's like Adam Banks in The Mighty Ducks, as much as the team wanted to not want Banks, he was a huge part of their late season surge and eventual championship.

If we want to right this ship -- and we need to as soon as possible -- Lubomir Visnovsky needs to play and play well.

I forgive Lubomir Visnovsky.


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