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Islanders - Rangers [derby game thread]

All praise a true NHL derby.

Haha. Ha. ... ha.
Haha. Ha. ... ha.
Bruce Bennett

NOTE: This is the game thread for tonight's Isles-Rangers game. There is already a well-worn thread about the Tim Thomas trade (seriously) over here.

In time we face ourselves with all our faults and Boultons
Now that I know the final lineup is within
I recognize the faces of the Isles and hear their call:
'Come journey, journey with us through the Garden Thomas hour'

--"Darkness Before Dawn," sort of

Nyi-islim_medium Nyr-slim_medium
Islanders (4-4-1, 8th/E) @ Rangers (4-5-0, 11th/E)
[bleaaaaarrrrgggghh] Garden
7 p.m. | MSG, MSG+2 (twice the plus!) | NHL - WRHU
$7 Million Men:
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