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Islanders vs. Leafs [game thread]

No matter how this game turns out, kindly don't be a tool about it.

Phrankeneuf and Boulton Orr warm up.
Phrankeneuf and Boulton Orr warm up.

So, there was this team. They played on Long Island for a while. They were really bad at first, then quickly became very good. Then VERY GOOD. Then less so. Then MUCH less so.

There was a brief renewal, but it essentially peaked in a playoff series with the Leafs before fading into annual five-game first-round losses, then nothing.

Before long, they said they'd move to Brooklyn. What the hey, it beats Markham.

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Islanders (8-11-1, 12th/E) @ Maple Leafs (12-9-0, 7th)
7 p.m. EST | MSG+
| Audio: NHL - WRHU
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Pension Plan Puppets

This is your game thread. Don't be obnoxious.