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Video Relived: John Tavares Named NHL First Star of the Week

Why watch sports? Because John Tavares.


The NHL announced that New York Islanders center and okay hockey player John Tavares was named First Star of the Week last week.

Now what would make them do that? Well, there was the stats in three games: Five goals, two assists, a feel-good hat trick on home ice.

But perhaps beyond the numbers, they were impressed by the hand-eye coordination, batting the bouncing rebound in after working a powerplay give-and-go with Matt Moulson:

Or maybe it was the 2-on-1 he led from his own zone against the Rangers, where he decided sometimes it's best to do it yourself (he also later finished the shootout in that game):

On the other hand, it could be the wrister, where on a 5-on-3 Tavares sets, peeks over Johan Hedberg's shoulder, and says, "You know what? I'd like to see some hats."

So many reasons to honor what was a pretty good week.

To quote Frans Nielsen from a few years ago: "Aww, sick. You know Johnny. That's what he do."