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Islanders Bits: Morning after romp over Devils; Moment of Nabby

Five out of five hockey reporters agree: John Tavares is a beast. Also: Nabby continues to entertain.

Honk-honk, honk-honk-honk.
Honk-honk, honk-honk-honk.

Still buzzing from last night's demolition of the Devils, and John Tavares' masterpiece? Bask in the coverage below, as well as some other links of interest.

About last night: Recaps from Newsday (talk of Hedberg) | Post: Tavares was "mesmerizing" | Times: Tavares, leader | Daily News: lots of hats | Star-Ledger: DeBoer says it wasn't that bad | Also, Tallinder on that penalty shot call | The Record also has DeBoer saying discipline wasn't the issue. | Eric Hornick's Skinny: The Isles have failed on 16 of their last 17 home penalty shots.

Your Moment of Nabby

"That my job." ... Also: "I don't think that much while I'm out there. ... I don't think too much."

The Isles next opponent, the Flyers, lost last night to Montreal, so the two are tied with 13 points though the isles have two games in hand. The Isles are two points behind the eighth-place Rangers, who have one game in hand.