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Bits: Islanders-Rangers Morning After; You a Spy?

Morning-after coverage of the Isles' slump-buster, and fantastic post-game video of Evgeni Nabokov.

"If you don't mind I'm just gonna stash this here."
"If you don't mind I'm just gonna stash this here."
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

To a man, the New York Islanders hope last night's shootout win was the start of a turnaround rather than a bright blip in a continuing slump. They liked the way they battled after an awful first period -- and "blistering" talking to from Doug Weight during the intermission -- as well as the general grinding, shot blocking, desperate Tortorella-like plays made down the stretch to preserve a chance at a win.

That may be a lot to hope, but Bossy love them for having the right mentality.

The usual links and highlights are in our recap, but here is some more coverage and clips:

The Book of Frans

As mentioned last night, Frans Nielsen did indeed go five hole on Martin Biron last time, so he wanted to keep him guessing this time. Here he is on that topic, as well as other prophecies that shall be etched on parchment and handed down through the ages:

In Which Nabby Accuses a Reporter of Being a Spy

We like when Evgeni Nabokov speaks because he has a soothing voice and he usually tells it like it is. Dude may not be a top-flight goalie anymore, but he still knows hockey and he's still throwing everything he has on the ice. (Seriously. Watch this clip. It's both hilarious and on point.):

Not Related to Last Night
Not Related to this Century. But Classic Stuff.

There was lots of talk of Valentine's Day games and such last night, and that always reminds me of spring holidays and associations like this: Bear with me, this is the "St. Patrick's Day Massacre" between the Blues and Blackhawks from 1991, featuring gobs of penalties, a line brawl, Mike Keenan, a bunch of Sutters, and Scott Stevens (who was a Blues captain before an NHL arbitrator decided he should go to the Devils and win Cups there).

Great stuff if you like old-style mayhem. But my favorite part might be how the organist at Chicago Stadium would continue his happy tunes even while players were tearing each other apart on the ice. Very Slapshot-esque:

And as long as we're visiting that era, here's NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan fighting Rich Pilon for the second time in a week: