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Islanders Bits: Morning after loss, with no comment on goaltending

Because last night's loss wasn't painful enough, here's more coverage and quotes.

By "no comment," I mean "too many things went wrong on this play to fit in one post-game."
By "no comment," I mean "too many things went wrong on this play to fit in one post-game."
Al Bello

The Islanders 6-4 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes was of the "should've had" and "need to have" variety. Now they get a rare two-day break between games during this shortened season. They stew. We stew. We try to be sober in our recaps (despite being accompanied by a bottle) and let you provide the histrionics, within reason.

Here are some clips of coverage elsewhere:

Newsday focused [$5 please] on the bad 5-on-5 play and a frustrated quote from Travis Hamonic. I try not to make judgments based on out-of-context quotes, but one post-game quote from Jack Capuano I found puzzling: "It's getting repetitious standing up here," Capuano said. "I thought some guys were soft tonight. We didn't win many puck battles . . . I don't know how much you can shake up."

I realize some saw "effort" problems last night, but I frankly did not. The Canes had the better of even strength play and they won the shift that created the deflating tying goal early in the third. But "soft" and not "winning puck battles"? Didn't strike me as the problem last night. That said, Capuano said there were surges of good play. And on the critical early third-period goal, he cited miscommunication between the defense and the goalie.

7th Woman's recap has the "shakeup" quote -- in response to a question about shaking the lines up -- and others from John Tavares and Hamonic in much more context.

Of course the comment of the night made Newsday's and just about everyone's recap: "I'm not gonna comment on the goaltending."

And here's Capuano's actual post-game, free of all of our editorial additions:


  • IPB focused on the palpable devastation for John Tavares and Travis Hamonic as another losing streak threatens another season before it hits the first quarter.
  • If you missed it in our recap, here's a link to the clip of fans chanting about DiPietro. Not exactly classy, but they don't have many outlets for this issue. (Hint: Take it to Facebook.)
  • The Post captured the jeers for DiPietro, and honestly, though I don't want him in net because I don't think he's physically capable, he handles all this like a champ.
  • The Post also focused on the Staals -- who are brothers, don't you know. Please add Marc, thanks.
  • Ken Dick at Okposo Net: "Honestly, I don't know what to change. It seems something different fails in each loss."
  • The Checking Line has Matt Moulson saying they gave the game away.
  • Knight of Cups cites Doug Weight: "Puck responsibility is paramount." Discuss.
  • The Skinny: It's the first time the Isles have scored four powerplay goals and lost since a 1978 10-7 loss in Toronto(!) This is also the 21st consecutive game the Isles have conceded a third-period goal, a franchise record.
  • From the Carolina side, Jiri Tlusty's quotes are pretty funny, Kirk {spits} Muller says his team just keeps "finding ways to win."
  • Lubomir Visnovsky's son is okay after surgery, and his family is headed to Long Island soon. I'm sure he's still a jerk or something.
  • Lighter side: Cute blurb about an auction winner.


The Leafs blew out the Flyers (fire Laviolette! Send him here!) but lost James Reimer to injury.

Friedman's 30 Thoughts, like soup for the hockey soul.

Finally, this is just interesting. The Avs have problems, different problems, but there is some familiarity there (and not just because they have PAP): The Avs immaturity problem | Jibblescribbits