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Zeitgeist: Islanders to Claim Greg Jamison Off Waivers from Coyotes?

With his future as Coyotes owner looking bleak after a missed deadline, a source claims Greg Jamison could find himself picked up by the Islanders.

Not Peter Graves
Not Peter Graves
Christian Petersen

GLENDALE, AZ (IFP) _ The New York Islanders are expected to claim prospective Phoenix Coyotes owner Greg Jamison off of waivers later today, a source tells Lighthouse Hockey.

Jamison, once a highly-touted ownership prospect in the Coyotes' system, has not progressed as far in his development as they had hoped. He was expected to be a fixture on the team by now, but constant stops and starts and unmet promises have become too much for the Coyotes to handle and they appear ready to move on, the source said.

New York has made several waiver pick ups since the season started, including center Keith Aucoin, defensemen Thomas Hickey and Brian Strait, and human-minotaur hybrid Joe Finley. Aucoin and Strait in particular have performed well for the surprising Islanders who are currently tied for first place in the Atlantic Division.

But the chance to add a potential franchise savior like Jamison may be too much for them to pass up, according to the source.

"Once Jamison has his investors lined up, he could really be the guy that finally stabilize the Islanders," said the source under condition of personal and financial anonymity. "I can't say who the investors are or where their money comes from or if they are or are not a secret cabal of some of the most powerful men in both the physical and supernatural worlds. But they are real and they have the money. Trust me."

Jamison entered the Coyotes system in May of last year and immediately created a buzz as an owner the mercurial team could build around. While his hype outpaced his results, Phoenix built a strong team that made an appearance in the Western Conference Final last season, losing to eventual Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles.

But Jamison's place in the Coyotes' plans is in serious, perhaps irreparable, jeopardy. The team feels he was given a great opportunity to make the team, but could not seal the deal. His potential replacements include prospects from Seattle, Quebec City and Markham, Ontario.

If claimed by the Islanders, Jamison is expected to arrive on Long Island via high-tech monorail.


This is a parody. But I say this sincerely, genuinely, as a fan of a team that's been through more ownership drama than any other: it's high time the idea of cutting bait on this market is examined. If someone saw a way to make money in Phoenix, it wouldn't be this hard to find an owner. Even with taxpayers giving them money, a quality arena and a very solid, well-coached team with a good prospect pool, finding someone to say "I'll take it" is proving extraordinary difficult. I feel bad for Coyotes fans or anyone that has this kind of dire, real-world drama hurt their enjoyment of a diversion. But these teams are still the playthings of the astronomically rich. It might be time to let someone from the house down the street come over and play with the Coyotes.