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Bits: Islanders Victory Reactions; Cizikas on his 1st Goal; 'My Man Capuano'

Coverage of the Islanders win and random links around hockey.

"Let's get the papers, get the papers."
"Let's get the papers, get the papers."

G'morning. How's the view from up here after seven games in the Islanders season?

Coverage from last night's 5-4 OT win:

  • Newsday: Not satisfied in victory, Travis Hamonic says there are "things to address," Keith Aucoin says "correctable mistakes," John Tavares says they "can get a lot better."
  • Daily News: More from Tavares.
  • Post: Also with quotes from Tavares, and Boyes saying teams might be taking them for granted.
  • Times: More Tavares on raised expectations.
  • Star-Ledger: DeBoer on "my man Capuano had a tough week," and Brodeur on playing the puck in OT
  • Fire & Ice: DeBoer says Devils didn't deserve to win.
  • IPB: Got some crazy Irishman to recap the firewagon game.
  • The Skinny: That's three powerplay goals against the Devils by the Isles for the first time since 2001.


Some older links, but good ones:


As always, feel free to add and discuss more news in comments or post via FanShots.