SO there is supposed to be rain and snow on saturday so tailgaiting is off. I'm still going to the game though no one signed up for my form anyways, maybe i will try and organize something again in the future if you still want to get together for a beer or so before or after the game my email is qualityinterfaces at gmail.



So many of you have probably seen me posting how I want to get a group together for Dec 14th's home game. I wanted to share this link with you guys if you are interested you can sign up here.

I'm not 100% sure the best way to have a group of us all buy tickets together, I believe stubhub or ticket master allows some sort of group buy option where you each can pay with your own credit card, has anyone organized a meetup before and have a recommended way to facilitate a large ticket purchase?

I want to have lots of beer waiting for you guys in the parking lot, I also want to have a really giant sign spanning almost an entire row, lets show our team we still believe. JOIN

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