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New York Islanders Christmas Wishlist: Looking ahead

Go ahead, dream big or moan or what have you...

"Jingle bells! Casey smells, Carkner laid an egg!"
"Jingle bells! Casey smells, Carkner laid an egg!"
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This was originally going to be a Christmas Day post, but then I realized its probability of turning into a gripefest, which didn't seem appropriate for a day where you theoretically are encouraged to celebrate the good things in life.

So here we are now, with a bit of open-thread-ing: Your top "Christmas wishes" for the New York Islanders. Be sincere, be snarky, be both -- your choice, just don't be a jerk to others.

My Islanders Wish List

5. A goalie of the future. (Bonus if he also works as a goalie of the present.)

4. A prospect who surprises: For any team to hit the next level -- but particularly one on a budget -- you need some bonuses to fall in your lap. Patrick Sharp in Chicago, that sort of thing. The last Isles prospect who really punched above his draft day stock was Travis Hamonic. Though there are reasons for hope on several others, the Isles could really use another non-blue-chipper to pay off. And soon.

3. A long-term left wing for John Tavares. You know, Vanek will do (though at what price? Yikes.), but whatever. Something key there.

2. A big final season at Nassau Coliseum: The current one looks increasingly like a missed opportunity, so the Isles will have one more chance to generate a season worthy of the players and fans who made that building great.

1. Another corner turned: Whatever you think they should do to get there, it needs to happen. The playoff appearance was a step -- even if they've stepped back in 2013-14, last spring was still a step -- but they need to take another one, and soon, for themselves and for their fans.

Happy holidays and all that. Your turn.