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Islanders News: Reaching for reasons to keep watching

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"Bad Dane!"
"Bad Dane!"
Bruce Bennett

Well, the New York Islanders are on a 1-9-3 "run," but the (understandable) pissing and moaning in commentary is getting as old as a home overtime loss. Since it's the holiday season, and with another day and a couple of practices before action resumes, I'm wondering: What positives or signs of fun keep you following this team?

A few off the top of my head:

  • Ryan Strome, obviously. Whatever he becomes, he's an entertaining player with an interesting back story who will be fun to watch navigate the highest level of hockey.
  • Less obviously: Calvin de Haan. Do the Islanders have something here? Well yes, they certainly should. But to rephrase: What's his trajectory? He's an interesting one, because though fans have long focused on the overdraft and the injuries that have delayed his NHL career for so long, he should still become a decent NHL player. And the Isles could use those on the blueline right now. Seeing him and Travis Hamonic paired, you see what the Isles probably envisioned several years ago.
  • Speaking of which, Griffin Reinhart: He's off to Sweden now for Canada's entry in the World Junior Championship tourney that straddles the New Year. One more chance to see him in big games, once the last three games of his silly four-game international suspension is through.

Elsewhere: Confusing Things
1986 All-Star Game Intros

Just because, here's the Wales Conference intro for the 1986 All-Star Game in Hartford. Islanders intros begin about 2:45 of the video (but careful: Just before that is a future Isles villain). Bryan Trottier wears #61.

(Also: Mario Gosselin was voted by fans to be the starter! ).