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'The Charles Story'

The incredible in-flight interaction between an Islanders fan & the team's owner, as told though Twitter. We swear.

The Islanders' recent double digit losing streak may have had viewers turning off or tuning out games entirely. But one person actively sought out the team's two games in Los Angeles and Anaheim this week to watch them in person.

Charles Wang, the Islanders owner, sat with general manager Garth Snow at the games against the Ducks and Kings. Although in town to attend the NHL's Board of Governors meeting in Pebble Beach, Wang no doubt wanted to see his slumping club firsthand.

Wang has never been the most vocal owner in the league, but during this trying season, his silence has been another thing bothering fans that are demanding accountability and answers for how this season has gone pear-shaped. Unfortunately for them, Wang left the meetings without speaking to reporters.

But that doesn't mean he left without talking.

Enter 'Alan'

Missed by most Islanders fans late Tuesday night was an almost unbelievable interaction between a lone fan and Wang on a red-eye flight back to New York.

The story unfolded on Twitter, when a man named Alan, posting under his Twitter account "@IslesFansEgo" recounted his tale of being on the same flight as Wang and having a conversation with him via hand-written notes.

Alan was flying out of Dallas-Fort Worth to New York, apparently from visiting his sister in Texas. Wang was most likely on the way back from the Board of Governors meeting, and the weather on the East Coast may have caused his fight to be re-routed through Dallas, where he caught a connecting commercial flight to Kennedy Airport.

What follows are Alan's exact Tweets from the flight and his experience with Wang. It's not everyday that a fan gets a chance to talk to to his favorite team's owner. Alan took that opportunity to make a statement on behalf of all Islanders fans everywhere and teach the billionaire about the power of one person's voice.


This is the last tweet from the account. A check this morning shows the account has been deactivated. E-mails to Alan haven't been returned.

Charles Wang could not be reached for comment.


This is a parody of a story of a hoax. This interaction never happened. But I hope you enjoyed it either way.