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Islanders News: Ryan Strome to Debut; Johan Sundstrom to Fill His Shoes

One prospect enters, another tries to do what he do.

"Heh, well I plan to kick some ass and take some names."
"Heh, well I plan to kick some ass and take some names."
Mike Stobe

There is no way the Islanders flew Ryan Strome out to Phoenix only to sit him for, oh I don't know, Eric Boulton or something. Even Islanders PR has the green light to underline that.

So this morning we await news on who joins the scapewagon to make room for Strome. (Also, on that note: I guess there was an ESPN chat where they actually ran a question about whether Strome would get 40 points the rest of this season. How about we set realistic expectations, eh?)

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People are being so hype-frenzied about Strome, we might as well combine it with Star Wars:

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Your First Islanders Goal picks for tonight's game may be entered here. Bet you pick Strome.