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Source: Video of Rob Ford Dressed as Maple Leafs Mascot Carlton the Bear Surfaces

In another shocking blow to his credibility, Toronto mayor Rob Ford has at least once dressed as Maple Leafs mascot Carlton the Bear, Lighthouse Hockey has learned.

How do I look?
How do I look?

A video that shows embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford dressed as Maple Leafs mascot Carlton the Bear exists, according to an e-mail received by Lighthouse Hockey.

The video, as described in the unsolicited message, shows the mayor in a white room wearing the furry white suit with over-sized blue hockey jersey. At the end of the three minute film, the mayor puts on the costume's bear head and walks out onto the concourse of the Air Canada Centre prior to a game.

"I just need f----in 10 minutes," Ford allegedly tells others in the room, who cannot be seen in the footage. "I'm gonna go scare them kids. Make sure that motherf----in head's on real good. No one is gonna f---- around with me. Don't call me Rob. I'm Carlton."

The e-mailer, who did not reveal their name, told Lighthouse Hockey that the price of the video would be $257. Lighthouse Hockey discussed the video with the vendor, but did not agree to purchase it due to internal budgetary concerns. When Lighthouse Hockey suggested that SB Nation's Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets might be more interested in the video, the e-mailer responded with an expletive-laden message and was not heard from again.

Make sure that motherf----in head's on real good. No one is gonna f---- around with me. Don't call me Rob. I'm Carlton. - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, while dressed as Maple Leafs mascot Carlton the Bear

Lighthouse Hockey was not allowed to preview the video, but the seller did e-mail the screenshot shown above.

In the correspondences, the vendor did not say how or why Ford would have access to the Carlton the Bear costume. The mayor, a longtime Leafs fan, has never exhibited an affinity for mascots or Carlton in particular, according to sources.

The e-mailer believed that Ford may have been drunk in the Carlton video, but could not confirm. Although they describe the mayor as "covered in sweat and unable to stand on his own two feet," the e-mailer did acknowledge that wearing a loose, heavy, enclosed bodysuit covered in thick fur and with clunky boots could also have contributed to Ford's haggard appearance.

A New Low

Hijacking a beloved mascot sinks Ford's sad saga to an entirely new level.

Ford, who was elected mayor in 2010, currently is involved in several serious allegations of drug abuse and death threats that could end his political career. A rumored video of the mayor smoking crack with Somalian drug dealers was confirmed by the Toronto Star last week, when police announced they had obtained the footage. Ford later admitted to having smoked crack once "probably during a drunken stupor." That shocking revelation was followed by yesterday's announcement of a second video in which a frantic and agitated Ford angrily makes multiple demands that an unknown third party be killed.

Sources close to the mayor told Lighthouse Hockey that the tirade video may have been recorded last spring during the Maple Leafs' final playoff game against the Boston Bruins. Up 4-1 with 10 minutes remaining, the Leafs stumbled badly, allowing the Bruins to tie the game and eliminate Toronto on an overtime goal by Patrice Bergeron.

"I'm pretty sure the guy he says he wants killed in that video is (Leafs goalie) James Reimer," the source said under condition of anonymity. "Rob was super pissed the Leafs lost that game. I think he had the city's school budget riding on it."

New York Islanders mascot Sparky the Dragon, a colleague of Carlton's since 2001, told Lighthouse Hockey that the real Carlton is in good spirits and "won't have his good name dragged though the mud by Rob Ford." Sparky said he expects Carlton to file complaints with both the Mascots Union and with PETATARP - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals That Are Really People.


This is satire. But, considering everything else, it's plausible, isn't it?