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[Sunday Brunch Bits] Emery Skates, Kaleta Exits, Dryden Speaks & Bure Retires Again

More recaps of Saturday's win over Boston, plus news from around the NHL. Ray Emery is out there, Patrick Kaleta is gone for now and the Russian Rocket will live forever.

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Wait. They DIDN'T suspend him. Are you kidding me?
Wait. They DIDN'T suspend him. Are you kidding me?
Bruce Bennett

A few leftover bits from Saturday night. Throw in some potatoes and onion and it makes for a tasty hash.

Islanders Stuff:

  • Yo-yoing between wins and losses through October brought up some bad memories of some bad recent teams, but Arthur Staple assures us that the Islanders are striving for, and after last night - achieving, consistency. [New$day]
  • Staple also expects the Islanders to pack a few extra defensemen for their upcoming road trip. Where they're going to get those guys from is anyone's guess. [New$day]
  • In the Post, Brett Cyrgalis reports that the Islanders aren't getting too high despite an impressive win over a top-notch opponent. [NY Post]
  • And here's our story stream from last night, in case you skipped right past it to come here. [LHH]


  • Last night's NHL scores. The Oilers are in a world of hurt after a 5-0 home loss to the Red Wings, Edmonton's second straight shutout loss.
  • Toronto's Dave Bolland will miss extended time with a leg laceration he suffered in last night's game against the Canucks. Very similar incident to Erik Karlsson's injury from last year. [SB Nation]
  • Remember when Ray Emery thought that beating on Braden Holtby's head in a 7-0 loss even though Holtby said he didn't want to fight was a good idea? Did you think Emery would be suspended because you, like, can't do that? Well, guess again. There will be no league disciplinary action on Emery because he technically didn't break any rules. [Broadstreet Hockey].
  • Oh, and to further the "no justice" meme, Emery shut out the Devils last night in the Flyers's 1-0 win. [In Lou We Trust]


  • Speaking of Super Villains, the Sabres put Patrick Kaleta on waivers Saturday with the idea of sending him to the AHL to "work on his game." I'd like to believe the Sabres, but I'm pretty sure Kaleta has already perfected the game he set out to craft. But if he can change his evil ways, good for him. Also in this link is John Scott saying Pierre McGuire caused the public outcry after Scott's hit on Loui Eriksson. I don't like Scott, but if he wants to beat up Pierre, I'd watch. [Buffalo News]
  • Instead of guys like Emery, Scott and Kaleta, why don't we listen to Ken Dryden, who says the case for fighting in the NHL gets weaker and harder justify as time marches on. [Globe & Mail]
  • The other side of message-sending: veteran Kris Versteeg was a healthy scratch for the Panthers last night and he wasn't happy with coach Kevin Dineen. [Miami Herald]

Here's something that will make you smile (or feel old): The Canucks retired Pavel Bure's No. 10 to the rafters last night. Will they retire his No. 96 a few years from now?

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