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Red Wings 5, Islanders Nil: Ten Things I Hate About You

Turns out public schools weren't the only things closed this Black Friday. Islanders Hockey apparently was as well.

Bruce Bennett

The Islanders lost again, this time to the Red WingsDarren Helm scored the first two Detroit goals, including the first shorthanded goal given up by the Islanders this year.  If you want to know why or how the Isles lost, just read any of the last ten game recaps written on this site.

If the Islanders are going to mail it in tonight, I'm going to mail in the recap.

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Since the ensuing thread will be extra rosy, I'll try and cover all the topics for you now:

Ten Things I Hate About You

I hate the way the Isles give me hope before the game

I hate the way the score at the end always looks the same

I hate the way the defense loves to part like the Red Sea

I hate the way the goaltending can't let in less than three

I hate the coach's post-gamers, and his lame excuses why

The Islanders lose every game, can we please fire this guy?

I hate how most of the forwards can't find the back of the net

I hate our general manager and the players he can't get

I hate how they say they know exactly what it takes to win

I hate their stupid mustaches and the month they grow them in

Lately there's a lot to hate and much to make me frown

But mostly I hate that I'll still watch their next game,

Every period…

Every minute…

Even though they'll probably let me down.

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