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Isles-Jets Post-Game: Capuano on Bailey/Grabner, Donovan on Turnover, Tavares on Losing

Tavares sounds disappointed in his team, Donovan sounds conciliatory, Capuano sounds determined to keep the team from falling prey to the "emotional rollercoaster."

If you didn't watch (and don't want to relive) Wednesday night's 3-2 loss to the Winnipeg Jets, you probably don't want to gawk at the Islanders players beating themselves up over their funk.

But we chronicle on, as we try to keep a sense of where the team is and where its coaching staff is.

First, Matt Donovan was up front about his mistake that led to a goal against which doubled Winnipeg's lead to 2-0. Donovan on the turnover:

Just tried to get the red line and mishandled it. Bad turnover on my part. Should have made the safe play or a harder play. Made the turnover and it cost us.

On the game overall:

I thought we worked hard the whole game. Those two or three mistakes cost us, like my turnover.

Video at Isles TV or here:

Capuano on Struggles, Bailey/Grabner, Structure

Jack Capuano's post-game presser was far from panicked. Video is embedded at the top or viewable on Isles TV here.

On dealing with repeated disappointment:

It's like anything else…when your guys battle, it's tough. I mean we made a couple of key mistakes that hurt us.


I didn't see anything 'spiraling.' It's all timing. We got a couple of power plays right off the bat, we don't score. We get one obviously later when we needed one, our PK was much better.

You know, it's frustrating for those guys right now, because they are working. When you work hard and don't get results, it's an emotional roller coaster, let's face it. Mentally it's tough, but you gotta find a way, you gotta keep working because that's the only way you're going to get out of it.

On the second period:

I don't think we lost structure in the second [period] at all. You know, it's a costly turnover. I don't think either team generated a whole lot in the second, to be honest with you. First and third there were some chances. But it just goes to show you, one play can cost you a game.

On the line shuffle (Josh Bailey and Michael Grabner were bumped), and need for secondary scoring:

After two periods I don't think Bailey or Grabs had any shots, so we just had to mix it up. They gotta find a way to get out of it. They've been there before, they can't squeeze their sticks, they can't think about things, they just have to go out and play the game. I'm not going to get into it, but they know what they need to do.

How does this slump compare to the early struggles last year?

Last year was different: There were games we got outworked, we didn't have structure, we didn't play within that framework. Now, there are some good things, but we're going through a tough stretch. As a coach … this is a time where … you know, you're hard on guys at certain times, but you gotta know how to handle your players. I think our coaching staff knows our players pretty well. Just keep communicating with them. We have character guys, leadership, a strong enough room. If they keep working they're gonna turn it around.

John Tavares Weighs In

Finally, the captain's assessment:

"It's just not good enough. Our intensity, the little things, taking hits to make plays, all the little things that make a big difference in a game over a long run, we're just not doing. We're not creating our breaks or our opportunities. It seems like we're just waiting for them to happen, and they're not gonna come until the consistent effort each and every shift is there."

On special teams:

There's highs and lows. It's crazy the amount of bounces that didn't go in, but...

But that's how it's going for the Islanders right now.