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[Gameday Bits] Pennsylvania II: Flyers Quest. Also, Lubo looms, stadium jersey peek & Dolan jams

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Recaps of Friday's gallant failure in Pittsburgh, a possible sneak peek at the Islanders Stadium Series jersey, a look-in at Lubomir Visnovsky and James Dolan loves The Eagles, man.

One's enough, Geno.
One's enough, Geno.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Islanders travel down the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to play the Flyers tonight. I have done that ride. It's a long and boring one. And I didn't even let Sidney Crosby stand by himself in front of the net to score the game winner.

FIG Picks for tonight's game against Philly go here.

All Islanders

  • Arthur Staple on the mistakes that cost the Islanders the game, mostly self-inflicted. [New$day]
  • Kevin at Point Blank recaps gaping holes and galling decisions. For all the balance 5-on-5, the special teams and defense are killing these guys.
  • In a shocking turn of events, the team's official recap accentuates the positives like Vanek's two goals and the even strength play. [Islanders]
  • Notes n' stuff in The Skinny. [Eric Hornick]
  • Lubomir Visnovsky is inching closer to a return. Possibly on a bicycle. [Eyes on Isles]
  • Kenny Reiter made 42 saves, but the Sound Tigers lost in a shootout Friday night, 4-3 to Providence. [BST]
  • Some Stadium Series merchandise is out, including an Islanders hoodie that may give some clues as to what their jerseys could look like. [Icethetics]

All Everybody

  • Last night's NHL scores. Habs top Caps and Calgary's Reto Berra goes for a stroll, coughs up a goal. /Clyde Frazier'd
  • This James Dolan interview with the New York Post made some waves yesterday. Topics of conversation include the Knicks, Dolan's music, his touring with the Eagles (the band, not the football team), Isaiah Thomas and the Rangers, in that order. And, as always, remember: Guitar Jimmy came this close to owning your Islanders.
  • The Canucks and winger David Booth are going through some serious issues right now. He wants to play, but John Tortorella disagrees. Booth may be waived to send to the AHL. Any takers? [Vancouver Province]
  • Problem for sellers around the league: the trade market is as dead as disco. More than half the league is tight against the cap so good luck getting someone to take on salary. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Puck Daddy runs down their biggest NHL disappointments (so far).
  • That Leafs regression you've been waiting? Buddy, it's going on right now. [Jonathan Willis at B/R]
  • Even if you think advanced hockey stats are bunk, can you at least be civil about it? [SB Nation]
  • Prepare thyself: The Sabres will unleash their third jerseys Sunday versus the Red Wings. [DBTB]
  • The history of Latvian hockey at The Hockey Writers.
  • San Diego News TV anchor Ron Burgundy has been hired at Canada's TSN. Those dirtbags have been in third place for five years*.
  • And my latest piece at the SBN mothership: New Xbox One app lets gamers experience NHL suspensions at home. Who wants a Shanaban?

This entire San Jose Sharks video is chuckle-worthy, but the last 30 or so seconds is priceless. It'll make you do the Carlton.

* - If you thought I was going to go with "Stay classy" or "That escalated quickly," well then you just don't know me at all.