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[Gameday Bits] Close Shavers vs Flightless Fowl in Metro First vs. Last

Capuano still believes, Poulin's still getting settled and Tavares gets to be the face of another franchise.

Hey. What kinda razor do you use?
Hey. What kinda razor do you use?
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember the last time the Islanders played in Pittsburgh on a Friday?

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Islanders Info:

  • Jack Capuano believes in the Islanders leadership to get the ship righted. [Arthur Staple in New$day]
  • Today in headlines that sound like they were written in sarcasm font: Kevin Poulin gets a second chance as Number One. [Islanders]
  • Andy at Eyes on Isles makes the case for Cappy. [EoI]
  • That softball-tossing numbers-manipulating book cooker Garik says that benching Michael Grabner was a dumb idea. But Grabner doesn't hit anyone! [Point Blank]
  • Sound Tigers Video: Get to Know Dallas Jackson who, with a name like that, must either be an athlete or a bounty hunter. [YouTube]
  • John Tavares: Gillette Spokesman. He's such a big boy now. [Islanders]
  • Video: And here's the captain on that whole outdoor game thing. [NHL on teh YouTubes]

Other People's Business:

  • Last Night's NHL Scores. The Flyers, Rangers and Devils each won (New Jersey despite being outshot 35-15, winning on a Jagr OT goal). The Predators packed some goals with them on the way to Toronto. And Tuuka Lose Shootout Tuuka SMASH!
  • Jagr's OT goal tied Gordie Howe's record for game-winning goals at 121. I think Jagr's got a better chance to break the record than Gordie does. [Yahoo]
  • A Reddit AMA with former Kings owner, coin magnate and felon Bruce McNall. [Reddit]
  • At Sportsnet, Tyler Dellow looks at Corsi percentages around the league and see who's going to be OK and who needs to worry. (Islanders are in neither camp). [Sportsnet]
  • Rick Nash has some insightful words about players being responsible for the safety of their union brothers. Be nice if players listened. [NY Post]
  • Ted Nolan's Sabres versus Craig Berube's Flyers is the first NHL game featuring two first nations coaches. [SBN]
  • Down Goes Brown checks his pre-season predictions against the quarter-season reality. [Grantland]
  • Steve Tambellini gets another job, as pro scout for the Ducks. [NHL]
  • Those same Ducks that just traded for Tim Jackman for some reason. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]
  • Greg Wyshynski counts down pleasant surprises in the NHL so far this season. Frans Nielsen makes the list. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Oilers take out a want ad for defensemen. [Copper and Blue]
  • A check around the NHL to find out how hybrid icing is working. [Backhand Shelf]
  • If the NHL really wants to change how goals are reviewed, it needs to get serious. [Sporting News]
  • Latest craze in the WHL - kids requesting trades to better teams. The latest is Brandon's Ryan Pilon, nephew of former Islander Rich Pilon, who asked the Lethbridge Hurricanes to move him elsewhere at the start of a rough season. []

Friday Fun:

  • Diver Down! Eyes on the Prize calls out October's bestworst NHL dives. [HEOTP]
  • The highbrow, classical farce maestro behind the @NHLHumor Twitter account stops by Battle of California to clear the air with blog honcho Megalodon. In meme form. [BoC]
  • Video game dramatizations: SB Nation's Jon Bois goes to painstaking detail to recreate Tecmo Bo Jackson in Madden 21. Meanwhile, NHL 14 Joe Thornton scores four goals and, well...

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