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[Closed Door Bits] Just like last night's game, this article gets crazy at the end

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Recaps of a collapse in Toronto, Clutterbuck talks Crack Smokin' Mayors, an Islanders trade that never was and Adrian Aucoin finally steps off the ice.

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No, his first name os Holland, his last name is Oates. Holland Oates.
No, his first name os Holland, his last name is Oates. Holland Oates.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Two days to digest this one before a weekend trip trough Pennsylvania Douche Country. Remember to breathe.

Islanders Stuff:

  • Arthur Staple on time running short to bring back last season's Islanders. [New$day]
  • And in case you didn't hear, the Islanders players had a little chat after the game [PHT]
  • Over at Point Blank, Keith offers more benching candidates, i.e. the entire roster. [IPB]
  • In the Globe and Mail, James Mirtle talks goalies - the Leafs have two, the Islanders have none. Advantage Leafs. [G&M]
  • Dee Karl quotes Casey Cizakas, who says the Islanders needed a stethoscope. [7th Woman]
  • The Skinny from last night. [Eric Hornick]
  • AUDIO: Josh Bailey talks to Sportnet 590 The FAN prior to the Leafs game. At least he showed up for that...
  • Cal Clutterbuck, whose father entertained a career in politics, opines about walking #YOLO Rob Ford. [National Post]
  • How captain John Tavares captains. [Standard Bleacher Report warnings apply]
  • Former Islander Adrian Aucoin officially announces his retirement. Expect him to log huge minutes doing he's going to do now. [NHLPA]
  • Newsday's Sportswatcher Neil Best with another piece about NHL Revealed. [$]
  • Meanwhile at SB Nation, some dope named Dan wrote a satirical episode guide for NHL Revealed that looks like a Wikipedia page. A waste of five minutes of your time. [SBN]
  • Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts contains an interesting Islanders-non trade you'll want to read, if you didn't see it at the time (No 24). [HNIC] (Dom addressed the silliness of that rumor back at the time.)

Free Your Mind:

  • Last night's NHL Scores. Yes, the Islanders gave up a goal 22 seconds into last night's game. Not to be outdone, St. Louis gave up one 10 seconds into their game with the Sabres. Also, the Habs won big, the Senators lost again and the Bruins beat the Rangers 2-1.
  • We keep finding new and exciting ways to illustrate just how bad the Eastern Conference is this season. The latest, SBN"s Travis Hughes reveals the East's best team, Tampa Bay, wouldn't even make the playoffs in the West. Oof. [SBN]
  • Tim Thomas wants to go the Olympics to play for Ol' Glory. Good luck with that, citizen. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Thomas' frenemy Roberto Luongo keeps chirping Tim on Twitter. [Slam]
  • What's going on in Ottawa? The Sens are streaky [Ottawa Citizen] and their fancy stats have taken a serious dip since last season [Silver Seven].
  • Pierre LeBrun's got his eye on these five slackers this season.
  • Down Goes Brown goes Mythbustin' on some old stories that are actually wrong. [Grantland]
  • Uproarious, via Awful Announcing: Don't ask Mike Francesa who the Rangers coach is, especially on a Friday.
  • Crazy! The solution for the Buffalo Sabres has arrived!

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