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Video/GIF: These fans were also thrilled by Aaron Ness' first NHL goal

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This is one of the reasons hockey is cool.

The look on Aaron Ness' face was priceless.

A player's first NHL goal, a teammate's rush to pick up the puck, the whole line's hockey hug to congratulate him...those are some of the cool things about hockey.

Then there are the fans.

The fans who had a front-row seat for the celebration of Aaron Ness' first NHL goal look like they were every bit as excited. They look like they saw the nameplate and had the same realization: "That's Ness! ATO 55! That's his first!"

Even if he was Mr. Hockey in Minnesota, the kid's frame meant he faced long odds to get to this point. Now 14 games into his NHL career with callups separated across three seasons, he has his first NHL goal and the puck to commemorate it.

No matter how the game went, no matter how his career goes from here, they can never take that away. Nor can they take away the story that his goal was set up by a likely Hall of Famer, John Tavares. (Standard post-game interview from Ness here.)

And these women (particularly the one in the upper left, behind the MSG logo) in the front row will never forget it: