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Islanders-Predators Post-Game Video: Capuano on Kevin Poulin, Frans Nielsen

The coach talked about what went well, tried to put the road trip and Frans Nielsen's first quarter in context, and damn sure wasn't about to tell you who's in goal Thursday night.

It was an easier post-game all around on Tuesday night after the New York Islanders broke their four-game losing streak and cruised to a convincing 3-1 victory over the Nashville Predators.

View video of coach Jack Capuano's post-game with the media above or at IslesTV here. Some pertinent excerpts follow...

On the top line, overall effort, what went well:

"They played well. Total team effort tonight. … good second and third efforts from everyone. Best players have to be your best players, and the top line was good."

What went well tonight, versus on the 0-4 road trip:

"We could have … there are games on that road trip where we could have gotten points too. Obviously we didn't and we talked about some things, but [this game was tough too] coming off a long road trip and a [mandatory] day off yesterday. We got a solid effort, good goaltending, good special teams."


"We played in the offensive zone like we want to play tonight. That's our framework, that's our structure, that's how we have to play. Our D did a good job coming down the walls and activating. But when we're on the road, you can't take five, six penalties [and break the flow to that game and the lines, too hard to get guys into it]"

That's a common concern when you're trying to roll four lines and get everyone grooving: Some special teams, mixed assignments, suddenly you're leaning on certain guys too much -- especially if the shorthanded situations put you behind -- while others get cold.

Of course, that's also a concern (less so, but there) when you get lots of power plays. The Isles had three power plays in the first period, so it's mighty good they finally cashed in on the third one.

On Kevin Poulin, and whether he might start a third in a row -- a question you knew was coming, and you knew would be deflected:

[with hesitation] "Ahh, Kevin had a good game tonight. He's played well. We evaluate it; it's tough for me to say now. We'll see who goes on Thursday night."


On what he did well: "Again, I'm not the goalie coach, but from my standpoint he competes, he battles. I notice when goalies are square to the puck, their angles are on. For me, he competes."

Stan Fischler asks about why Frans Nielsen is the bestest player in the history of ever (I might be paraphrasing the question slightly wrong...):

"Fransie's one of those guys, when you try to teach and you show video, he does all the right things. He's been consistent in that in all the years I've coached him."

[Ed.: okay, the question was actually about his upswing in production this year...I got carried away.]

"Last year he had chances too, the puck just wasn't going in for him.. They're going in for him this year ... he could have had just as many points last year."

Capuano also had some praise when asked about Brock Nelson and Pierre-Marc Bouchard, but he tried to keep the emphasis on "a total team effort tonight," which, from the looks of how the game went, is on point.

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