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Islanders-Predators [game 19 thread]

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Once again, someone is going to bust a slump tonight.

Where the puck?
Where the puck?
Bruce Bennett

Berm-berm. Pou-lin. Berm-bemp. Pou-lin. Bink-benk. POU-LIN!

This is our game thread. Be sure to rinse.

Nas-slim_medium Nyi-landthin_medium
Predators (8-7-2, 5th/Cen) @ Islanders (6-9-3, 6th/Metro)
Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Mem. Coliseum
7 p.m. EST | MSG+ | Audio: WRHU/WRCN
Perd Alert: On The Forecheck