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New York Islanders 2013-14 Preview: What they did last summer

Because if you're changing diapers at 2:30 a.m., you might as well test yourself on whether you recall all of the New York Islanders' offseason moves.

Tune out on New York Islanders news during the offseason? A prodigal fan returning to the fold now that they're relevant again?

We got you covered. Here's a brief albeit sleep-deprived* overview of their offseason moves and how this team is different from the 2013 edition that returned the franchise to the playoffs for the first time in six years but was eliminated by the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games.

Oh yeah, not mentioned in the video: The Islanders named franchise superstar John Tavares their new captain. But if you aren't familiar with Tavares, then you have to do more homework than a five-minute crash course can provide.

Follow along all season at Lighthouse Hockey: We'll keep you marginally informed. Our commenters will keep you mightily entertained.

*Sorry, this blogger has a newborn in the household. Mistakes will be made.

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