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Islanders News: Capuano Eases; Bridgeport Struggles; DiPietro Debuts for Charlotte

Let's not insert ourselves into European conflicts.
Let's not insert ourselves into European conflicts.
Bruce Bennett

Jack Capuano seems generally liked by New York Islanders players, and several of them cite this: He points out mistakes and gets on them when things are done wrong, but he doesn't publicly slam individuals and resists the management voodoo tactic of maintaining an atmosphere of fear and tension.

That approach may explain why, the day after fuming in his post-game presser after the 3-2 loss to the Short Island Smurfs, Capuano eased up and was talking about maintaining a positive outlook as the Isles head into back-to-backs:

In Newsday: "You have to stay positive," Jack Capuano said yesterday, after a blown third-period lead and a 3-2 loss to the Rangers on Tuesday. "These guys know what we need to be doing and they have to stick with it. There's no time for panic or being overly critical. They know."

And at the official site: "We talked about it today – new attitude, new challenge," head coach Jack Capuano said. "We’ve got to stay positive. Special teams were a huge factor in last night’s game. But at the same time, we had some things we needed to work on today to move forward."

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