Sound Tigers Report - Wed Oct 30 2013

Okay, so I went ahead and forked over $6.99 to see if Bridgeport has any useful players for us regardless of their last place start.

Was disappointed to see Pedan scratched - Fornabaio suggests he's a work in progress - too bad.

The good news - Calvin de Haan looks very poised and ready - there's no way on earth he isn't better then Matt Carkner - call him up now and pair him with Hickey or Hamonic, MacDonald makes 4, and Donovan-Martinek 5/6

Aaron Ness scored a goal and moves nicely, but he was caught badly out of position on the 4th goal (doing his Martinek impression from last night apparently) - he could be a pairing with Hamonic as well, they made a nice combo years ago, but he won't help defensively

Mayfield made little impression - that's about it on defense

Kenny Reiter actually looked pretty good, making quite a few nice saves - one of the goals was a freak bounce off the boards, the 5th goal wasn't so hot - he's not without a chance

On offense, Ryan Strome looked like he could make a nice addition on the PP - why not call him up for 3rd line duty - Grabner-Cizikas-Strome for a 3rd line could be very interesting, he is thin as a rail though

Anders Lee tries hard, Halmo looks a bit better, and the Diamond-Sundstrom-Persson line looked pretty good, often dominating action

This is a fairly thin bunch, but not without prospects

I'd say de Haan and Strome are ready to play some NHL games now

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