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Fight: Eric Boulton vs. Jay Rosehill in Lengthy Retro-Style Swingfest

How dare you hit my pest? I shall challenge you to a duel.

Grumble grumble, grapple grapple.
Grumble grumble, grapple grapple.
Bruce Bennett

The New York Islanders and Philadelphia Flyers had an old-fashioned Patrick Division-style (it's Metropolitan now but whatever) battle Saturday night on Long Island. Not a bloody night and no brawls but plenty of big hits, poor tempers, and after-whistle policing.

The tone was firmly established just 6:43 in with a fight between Eric Boulton and Jay Rosehill, who were essentially in the lineup to greet each other.

This one was ignited when Boulton lined up pest Zac Rinaldo for a hard hit inside the Flyers zone. Rosehill stepped in and got the first few swings in before the two took to throwing wild punches until Rosehill fell.

Here is video via

We don't often commemorate the fights, but this one was a fair reflection of this meeting between the Flyers, who are struggling in last place of the Metro division, and the Islanders, who are off to a better start but are well short of the form they expected to bring into this season.