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Islanders News: Kevin Poulin on life as backup; Brett Yormark on hockey at Barclays

Before you read on, make sure John Scott isn't lurking behind you.

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"Bench and backup beats buses in Bridgeport. Bench and backup beats buses in Bridgeport..."
"Bench and backup beats buses in Bridgeport. Bench and backup beats buses in Bridgeport..."

There was more circus-like activity in the NHL last night, but first we'll circle our own ring in Islanders country before gawking at the other bearded ladies around the league:

Because you never know:

Around the Rest of the Circus

Hey, guess what? John Scott is still an idiot, and now he's claimed another victim. Remember that he wasn't suspended at all but the guys who (admittedly crossed the established line) in trying to deter him during preseason got suspensions.

Scott and the Sabres are such a disaster that even Mike Milbury can rant about him and Ron Rolston for the better part of seven minutes and make sense.

Ryan Garbutt got five games for his head shot on Dustin Penner. [NHL Video]

I had to link this Lightning article because it's basically Mad Libs with blank spots for the fourth liners on any team: Lots of "grit" and "grind" with Nate Thompson and friend, as well as this classic: "Despite the five-goal deficit, the Bolts’ fourth-line toughness..."

It's almost like Martin Brodeur suddenly realized he's old.

The planned pan-Europe hockey club competition has a chief sponsor. (h/t Francesca) Hopefully not a Russian oligarch's toy.

Sean Monohan will remain with the Flames. [Puck Daddy] Big mistake? [C&B]

Seems Randy Carlyle has some Jack Capuano in him: Colton Orr after goals (against, rather than for).

Amusing: Sharks acquire Mike Brown for some reason - Fear The Fin

Knives out for Mark Streit and the Flyers defense. [THW]

No words: Maple Leafs to raise Bon Jovi banner at ACC -

I see what you did there: Another shot quality article? Of Corsi did! | The LeafsNation

And one more Leaf: Mirtle: Are the Leafs an outstanding ‘shooting’ team? - The Globe and Mail

This is for a "new Coke ad," not a "New Coke" ad: Watch Bob McKenzie act circles around Steven Stamkos in new Coke ad (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports