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For Whom The Shanny-Phone Tolls: Grabner Faces NHL Discipline for Hit on Gerbe

The Islanders winger has a phone hearing with the NHL on Monday thanks to a collision with Carolina's Gerbe on Saturday night.

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Dun dun daaa.,,
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Grabner better stay by the phone. The Islanders speedster can expect a call from the NHL Department of Player Safety on Monday following a hit laid on Nathan Gerbe of the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night at Nassau Coliseum.

Arthur Staple reported that the disciplinary hearing will be conducted via telephone.

As this (fan-made) YouTube video shows, Gerbe cuts across the top of the circle in the Islanders zone around seven minutes into the first period. Just after taking a shot on Evgeni Nabokov, Gerbe is hit by Grabner, who is cutting towards Gerbe from the slot.

The exact moment and intensity of the impact is unclear thanks to trailing forward John Tavares' position in this angle. It looks like Grabner catches Gerbe with a quick arm, elbow or shoulder movement as they pass. The already diminutive Gerbe is crouched down low after taking the shot on goal when Grabner knocks him to the ice and skates away.

No penalty was assessed on the play. Gerbe gets up after a moment on the ice and continues to skate. He did not leave the game, which the Hurricanes won 4-3.

Grabner (two goals, six assists this season) has no history of supplemental discipline. In his five-year NHL career, he has a total of 42 penalty minutes.

Remember, Mr. Shanahan: It's 2013. Tattoos aren't just for outlaw biker gangs anymore.