What Would You Like To See At The Winter Classic*?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

*or, whatever they're calling this outdoor game

With the Islanders playing the Rangers at Yankee Stadium, it's a question now of what will be going on to as part of the festivities. Both teams have a long rivalry, and given the first national broadcast of one of their games in years it should be good. But as a fan of the Islanders, what else would you like to see happen?

It just so happens I'm working on a post for the 5 things we would most like to see at the Winter Classic. This can include just about anything you can imagine. Since I'm allowing write in votes, I'm not going to use the poll. Instead in a week I'm going to check this post and see which ideas get the most recs. They will be a part of the story. Feel free to give your thoughts and insights as a reply to any idea.

At the very least check to see if your idea has been posted already before commenting. Otherwise feel free to vote with your Rec's and make green the top ideas. Any ties will be broken by me, and I'll probably make some honorable mentions too. I'll also start with the 5 ideas I had to celebrate the Winter Classic.

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