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Islanders News: Winning is fun, holding leads helps

A Friday brewed with a fresh cup of victory.

Man, imagine what they'd write if he'd played 19 games as an Islander.
Man, imagine what they'd write if he'd played 19 games as an Islander.
Bruce Bennett

The New York Islanders beat the Edmonton Oilers, 3-2, last night. They get a rest day before going at it for another home game Saturday night against the Carolina Hurricanes. Here is some Isles and NHL fodder to get your through the day.

More on last night:
  • Well, LHH coverage first: Our game recap is here, and we added a post on Jack Capuano's post-game presser, which touched on several good themes.
  • Taylor Hall in the writeup: "It's great to know I have the record but tonight wasn't our best effort. The wheels have really fallen off for us as these losses have piled up."
  • Newsday's recap: "We all know we're capable of winning these games, of holding leads late," Andrew MacDonald said. "We wanted another crack at it so we could show, hey, we can play confidently with the lead and we can close these games out."
  • The Post's recap: "To gain that confidence, you have to hold on to some leads and get some wins," said Bailey, now with three goals on the year. "I think tonight was a good step in the right direction."
  • Copper & Blue: "Justin Schultz is a toxic waste dump in his own zone at this point."
  • IPB's recap is worth it for the Josh Bailey GIF on its own. Chains!
  • The Skinny: Bits of facts like "The Isles were credited with 16 blocked shots; Andrew MacDonald led the Isles with four and now has an NHL-leading 24 blocks."
And other Isles stuff:
And beyond:

Good ol' Keith after last night: