Slovak Paper: Visnovsky's Agent Asked Garth Snow for Permission to Play in Slovakia


Per Google Translate: Offensive defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky has a contract with the NHL New York Islanders, but his heart beats for the Slovak Club in KHL. Last week you received an offer from a Slav. Where you play the rest of the season? "On Monday I have ever dealt with. I would stay in Slavic. " What do you need? "Approval from the Islanders. My agent is negotiating with the islanders' general manager Garth Snow. In New York, they are not thrilled with my attitude. " And if the Islanders insist that you come to camp and played NHL? "So I will have to pack up and fly to America. Treaty must be respected. " What attracts you to stay? "Slovan is an essential part of good warm up, go to the playoffs. There's a great bunch of players, a fantastic audience. An atmosphere I've never experienced. I want to stay for the fans. It would be strange for me - starting from the NHL and I stayed home. But you can also live without the NHL. Now I prefer KHL. The NHL will be cramped program for two and a half month should play a fundamental part of the 48 matches, and to me at my age 36 years has attracted. " Onset utorňajšom game against Chelyabinsk? "I long for it!"