F(irst) I(slanders) R(oster) Pool

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A little play on the FIG Pool, let's see if anyone can guess what the game roster will be for the Isles first game (whenever that might be). I'd like us to have as little information as possible to make these guesses, so I'm setting the deadline for Friday, 1/11 at midnight.

Here's some resources to help you choose:

Islanders Official Roster

Islanders Official Prospects

Sound Tigers Stats

Capgeek (lists all players currently under contract)

Remember, game rosters are 20 players (usually 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies). I'll award one point for each correct player, plus one bonus point for each starter correctly identified, making a perfect score 26 points.

Just leave your teams in the comments, and remember, no submissions honored after 11:59pm on Friday.

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