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[Updated: 5-4 loss] Sound Tigers at Springfield Falcons; Kabanov Resumes Skating

Bridgeport begins a road back-to-back against division leaders in Springfield Friday night.

"Nyet" is not short for "not yet."
"Nyet" is not short for "not yet."
Harry How

Post-game Update: The Sound Tigers lost 5-4. Two goals from John Persson, a goal and assist each for Nino Niederreiter and Matt Donovan.

Original Post:

Remember when the Bridgeport Sound Tigers were on a winless streak that was within hollering distance of 10 games? Slowly, with a sprinkling of every kind of loss (regulation, OT, shootout), they've turned that around to go 7-1-2 (or 7-1-1-1 if you're not into the whole brevity thing) in their last 10.

It's been that kind of year. Or rather, 2012 was.

We'll see what 2013 brings beginning tonight, when they start a back-to-back on the road with a visit to the Springfield Falcons. Saturday night they're in Portland. Both opponents are current division leaders, though the "fourth" seeded Binghamton Senators, currently second to Syracuse in the East Division, have a better record than both Springfield and Portland.

Bridgeport and Springfield still have seven meetings yet to come in this season, with their only previous meeting being an October shootout won in the seventh round by David Ullstrom.

Like the Sound Tigers, the Falcons are trying not to think about the players they'll lose to the NHL if the NHL decides to be a hockey league again.

Injury Updates

Many, many, many of you ask about Kirill Kabanov. Michael Fornabio of the Post delivers this update at Soundin' Off:

Brock Nelson and Kirill Kabanov (well, that’s a start) have been skating separately for a couple of days, but Marc Cantin and Travis Hamonic remain limited, Scott Pellerin said.

They'll be back some day. Or to steal an obscure line from Fat Sam in "Fletch" that for some reason sticks in my head to this day: "When it comes, it comes."