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World Hockey: Griffin Reinhart Suspended; John Tavares Biter Fined

Time for some off-ice legalese that has nothing to do with the NHL lockout.

Do. Not. Bite.
Do. Not. Bite.
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Two bits of news to chew on, if you will, and another Sutter memory:

The player accused of biting John Tavares in Swiss League action has been fined 900 Swiss Francs, which is enough to buy at least two cups of coffee in Geneva.

(I kid. Bad "Geneva is expensive" joke. The exchange is actually about $980 (U.S.) or $960 (CDN).)

The Swiss went all forensic on this case, citing a forensic physician's brief to conclude that Clarence Kparghai had indeed bitten Our Franchise. As you'll recall, Kparghai denied biting, or at least denied "cheating" in the pre-Christmas incident, but that denial seems suspect. So slap him in the wallet.

Reinhart Suspended Four Games by IIHF

Meanwhile, Islanders prospect Griffin Reinhart has been suspended four games for a slash late in Canada's loss to the U.S. in the World Junior Hockey Championship semifinal (h/t Anarcurt). Eric Hornick -- who we hope will again have Isles games to stat-isize soon -- says it's the longest suspension in IIHF history. TSN's report surfaces that belief, and goes into how it could affect Canada's entry next year, as Reinhart's suspension would be in effect for three games in that tournament.

Reinhart was assessed just a minor penalty on the play and says it was an accident, and Canada intends to appeal. But you know the IIHF.

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Finally, yesterday we linked to a cool post about Duane Sutter. Today Third String Goalie goes into the other Isles brother, Brent Sutter.