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NHL Lockout Thread: Two buyouts on the table, NHLPA keeping disclaim in pocket

Mostly we needed a fresh NHL lockout/CBA thread, since our commentariat is discussing on-going negotiations in every other thread.

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Let us in! Let us in!
Let us in! Let us in!
Mike Stobe

It's clear there is an appetite for CBA negotiation news to end the NHL lockout -- a nice sign, that shows people are eager for some NHL hockey. Consider this a fresh thread and update to our latest lockout stream.


Meanwhile, want a lockout meme? DregerFace was the big thing last night, and here are the many Photoshops that ran with it.

Guardedly excited? Excited with a tinge of guilt for liking the abusive partner who has treated you like crap for months and is ready to take your money again? Yeah, me too.