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Gameday: Three Questions with Pension Plan Puppets

It's been two lockouts since the Maple Leafs made the playoffs. It's been five seasons since the Islanders made it. Company.

You can't even see the puppet strings.
You can't even see the puppet strings.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Their payrolls and revenues are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but the New York Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs have some things in common. Namely, antsy fans who must turn to humor.

We asked PPP of Pension Plan Puppets -- that's the Leafs blog on the network we're trying to get traded away from -- a few questions about his team. His answers follow:

1. I'm sure none of you expected the peculiar timing of the move, but did you expect Brian Burke's job was in danger? And if so, did you expect them to just promote the next guy over? Why did Burke fail? (I know that's three questions in one, but we are whoring for content and you can cut or be brief, you're a big boy.)

I definitely thought it was in danger but had no idea it would be before this summer. I thought the weird shortened season might have provided a lifeline to him but I guess that wasn't the case. I don't think it was weird for Nonis to take over and I had assumed that he would be taking over eventually anyway.

Burke failed because while he was trying to rebuild for the long-term he was also trying to compete in the short-term and he constantly misjudged the talent of the team. The Kessel trade was good at the time but has changed significantly because he thought Vesa Toskala was still an NHL goalie even though Chemmy and I were yelling that he was done.

[**Ed. note: This is true. Well, I mean it's all true, but PPP and Chemmy really were wondering why Toskalol was still in net, as was Rob Davison, surely.]

He always thought the team was better than it was and for all the good he did long term (some certain, some debatable) that ultimately cost him his job. The bosses didn't think, based on his track record, that he had the ability to see this rebuild through to the end.

2. So, heh, what's Scott Gordon's status these days?

Honestly, since Keith Acton was canned, I hardly notice that the assistant coaches do anything. Other than the coup where he and Cronin got Allaire canned I don't know a single notable thing he's done. I mean, they were in charge of the PK so they weren't doing much of anything. Although, it's looked better this year so far...

3. Near term and long term, how do you see this collusive media conglomerate ownership of the Leafs working out?

How else do things work out for the Leafs? Poorly. Although maybe there'll be some highlights along the way.

[**Ed. note: Hopefully not tonight though, unless they rhyme with Sean Desaurus.]