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NHL CBA Meetings: Rick DiPietro, Brad Boyes Part of Wednesday NHLPA Presence

The NHL and its players union are heading toward what could be another late night. According to Michael Grange (and surely others on the ground), the NHLPA provided a response to the NHL's latest offer and the two sides hope to meet again Wednesday night after the NHL studies the response.

Darren Dreger reports pensions remain a hot topic, and the sides hope to meet by 8 p.m. EST. Which in CBA-speak, often means 10 p.m.

According to the NHLPA, the player contingent in New York for today's meetings included New York Islanders Rick DiPietro and Brad Boyes. DiPietro is currently in the seventh year of a 15-year contract. Boyes is on a one-year deal signed last summer.