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Islanders Scrimmage Thread [with Site Lyric]


Mike Stobe

I said, HOCKEY!

Tonight the Current Islanders and the Future Islanders and the Can I Please Be Islanders, For A Bit? battle it out in a scrimmage in front of a crowd of We Are All Islanders (Frans Help Us), beginning at roughly 7 p.m. EST at Nassau Coliseum.

It will also be streamed online for all the But I'm Still Working/Commuting You Islanders and the I Used To Be An Islander But Kate Murray, as well as the Carpetbagger Islanders and That Prankster Mark Streit Made Us Islanders around the world.

Off the cuff, mikb presented a rap lyric that pretty well captures how these game threads work here at Lighthouse Hockey. So if you're a commenter, have fun, in moderation. If you're a lurker, enjoy the show. And mikb's rap:

Early one morning I was reading the blogs
Took a shot of cocaine and away I jogged
I had some food while I surfed the web
And stuck that blue-and-orange pillow ’neath my head

Woke up that evening and I logged back on
Went to the game thread to have some fun
Tried to keep up, but I typed too slow
The comments started moving faster than I can go

Late in the first, I curse at my TV
Can’t see a thing on MSG+53
I hear Butchie say, “He had no chance that time,
That shot was like a custard when he wants key lime.”

I said, “Oh yes, that’s going down in history.
It ought to be posted where the world can see.”
It’s up on the YouTube before you know
I go to rec the comment, and it has five more

The Islanders’ uniforms are “None More Black”
Every fan hates them but there’s no going back
Had nobody left to play on D
They grabbed up every carcass on the waiver feed

Early next mornin’ bout a half past nine
Checked with Lighthouse Hockey when I got online
A-ha, I coughed as I checked the thread
I got another warning for the stuff I said

Across the comments the debating began
Every move dissected by Islanders fans
That guy’s a bust, this move ain’t workin’ out
Yashin’s still got three years left on his buyout

In about five minutes, it got out of hand
I cussed someone out and they gave me the ban
All my comments bounced back at me
I emailed Dom: “Bossy have mercy on me!”

Games and game threads and Zeitgeist and news
No way to comment, complain, or enthuse
99 days since I got shut down
I can’t forget the time I called that guy “Assclown.”

Isles fans, you gotta listen unto me
Play nice in comments and let that cocaine be!