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Report: Visnovsky deals with son's health issues; hopes for 2 weeks

Finland-based sportswriter Matias Strozyk tweeted new quotes that -- depending on your degree of cynicism -- either illuminate Lubomir Visnovsky's reluctance to return to the NHL or add another layer to the whole saga:

The reason Islanders fans are understandably suspicious is that: 1) this information is only bleeding out now, and 2) some suspect a "two to three week" period is a ruse to buy time for negotiations that the KHL claims are possible under its MOU with the NHL about contracts during the lockout year.

Maybe the player didn't want to make a big deal of private matters. Maybe it's something more from the one NHLer who seemed to hope the lockout would not end. Regardless, you hope his son is fine, and you figure Visnovsky will eventually be in uniform.