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Islanders Hockey Bits: When Krys Barch drinks and tweets; Islanders moves, goals and injuries

From Krys Barch's port-fueled Twitter rant to more NHLers signing overseas, these are the latest bits of news and laughs during the NHL lockout.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I like good port. Apparently Krys Barch likes (good?) port. Suffice to say it's not something that is typically introduced to me, nor truck drivers, other than through people who make what Krys Barch makes.

Barch took to Twitter Saturday night for a surprisingly lucid rant about the NHL lockout and what he feels owners are forcing, or trying to force, out of the players. Plenty of coverage/transcripts at Defending Big D and Puck Daddy.

I have some mild sympathy for him, in that it always sucks when someone tries to move your cheese when you're not ready to have your cheese moved. But as usual when the PA appeals to the labor stoppage history (Want to talk lockout history? I remember the players strike before the 1992 playoffs. Funny what sides do when they have leverage, isn't it?) or to my "common man" side, it falls nearly as flat as when Gary Bettman calls NHL fans the greatest lemmings in the world. Y'all just wake me up when you have this sorted, and we'll see how many fans we can salvage.

Islanders-ish News

Finally, Rhett Rakhshani is learning about hazing in Sweden:

Remnant NHL news (mostly lockout nonsense):

What a league.