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NHL Cancels Preseason Schedule; Sound Tigers Camp Open to Public Saturday

The NHL formally canceled its preseason, but New York Islanders fans can catch a glimpse of the future with Saturday's camp open to the public at IceWorks.

Harry How - Getty Images

There will be no Matt Moulson diamonds uncovered. No glimpse of what-might-be via a Brooklyn preseason game. No moments of crazy like Pascal Morency leaving the bench to extract justice from Brave Sir Dion Who Ran Away, Away.

The NHL has officially and in no way suprisingly canceled the full slate of preseason games, thanks to the completely sensible and totally justifiable failure by the league and the NHLPA to figure out how to divide its revenues in a way that everyone can remain rich off the addiction of irrational sports fans who will go so far as to mourn the loss of exhibition games.

For the Islanders, that means no Brooklyn trial Oct. 2 and no final preseason match against the Short Island Smurfs at home on Oct. 4. (For me, it means I'm really glad I finalized no travel plans.)

On the bright side -- okay that's an insult to bright sides -- the two sides are scheduled to talk through the weekend about "non-core" economic things such as which hotels to frequent and which luxury charters to use, surely.

On a more truly bright side, Bridgeport Sound Tigers camp is set to begin Saturday at IceWorks, open to the public 10 - 11:30 a.m. So go hit that, take photos, share here or on our Facebook page.

Because we hockey addicts will get through this. As will Kirill Kabanov and Nino Niederreiter.