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Video: Tour the New Brooklyn Arena, Which Is Not Locked Out

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The first sports event at the new ingloriously sponsored arena in Brooklyn will all but certainly not be the Islanders-Devils preseason game scheduled for Oct. 2. (The NHL in its infinite lockout wisdom has canceled games through September, but the next slate of games is sure to be officially canceled soon.)

But that doesn't mean we can't ogle the new arena and its technological perks that New Jersey Brooklyn Nets fans will soon enjoy. There have been a few video tours and features from media outlets, but we are unabashedly partial to what our tech-focused Vox siblings at The Verge put together with SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson:

[Note: The embed was doing a thing, so the direct link to the video is here, or else in that post.]

This, from their write-up, also hit the spot:

It's an enticing mix of high-tech and hyperlocal, highlighted by a remarkable sense of style for a contentious and deeply political construction project festooned in corporate sponsorship and named after a bank.

For a select demographic that probably does not read this site, there is also some sort of 40/40 club thanks to Jay-Z which, like Fight Club, no one will talk about. Perhaps one day, too, there will be hockey. We can talk about that.